Month: October 2005

Friday! (Pictures)

I thought I could go one day without updating, but not so much.

Tonight, there was the most beautiful sunset, but as I was driving and there was no place to pull over, I couldn’t capture it. I hope to get one soon, however.

I did get the moon, though. I need to get better at it, but this is my first real attempt at a moon shot:

I don’t think it came out too badly, especially considering it was my first time and I didn’t have a tripod (I can’t find mine!!) I want to get good CLOSE pictures like Kristy (disneygal). I guess I’ll have to keep practicing and also get out there when the moon is just rising.

I also took this picture tonight, which I LOVE:

Heritage held its Harvest Block Party tonight. I took Aidan and we had a BLAST! :) It was so much fun! And OMG the church is huge now. I was walking around, taking things in, and marveling at how big and beautiful this place is–and thinking of how this gigantic church is full of people who probably don’t know what real hardship is. Although that’s not fair to say because it’s all relative when you think about it. Now I will worship in this building that I will probably get lost in the first few weeks or months I attend. I will look around and wonder how many of us are really faking it. Why are we there? What are we seeking? And are we willing to give?

The church expansion cost a LOT of money–I think millions. Will we be able to spread the blessing(s)? You should see the place. It’s unbelievable. Should serve many of our needs. I hope we can serve the needs of so many others. (And when I say WE I mean ME because yeah. I need want to give more.)

And WHOA, totally did NOT mean to get all reflective there. I did have fun tonight. There was a HUGE party with food and music and puppets and SO MANY PEOPLE. Visitors, information, tours, activities. I hung out with Megan (megnita) for a LONG time which was AWESOME. :) I also saw Emily and Bizzy and other cool folks. Had fun, lots of fun. Aidan should be WORN out with all the running and playing he did, but he’s taking a bath (in LAVENDAR) and seems to be going strong, still. *sigh*

I am tired, though, so I think I’ll head to bed soon. I have a long Aidan-filled day tomorrow. He and I are going to hang out. It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so I think a trip to the park for autumn photographs is in store! :) YAY! I hope he’s a good little boy for me, cause we’re going to be together all day long. Wanna see how cute he is???

I am going now. Good-bye!

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I Am Hungry (Pictures)

OMG. Chris just made popcorn. I don’t like to eat it, but I LOVE to smell it. HOLY COW does it smell yummy in my house now.

He and Aidan are watching a movie together. Aww, cute.

I’m just in heaven, smelling that. You have no idea. Popcorn is one of my most favorite smells.

Today at work, someone brought in the yummiest, messiest cupcakes ever. Chocolate, with whipped cream topping and toffee. They were oogy gooey and OH SO GOOD.

Anyway, the POINT of this entry was to post pictures!!

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Hello, Again.

Many of you should know that I have sort of an addiction to Flickr. I’m browsing around on there and I am getting very very inspired to travel and take photographs. Just… all sorts. I also learned about a new thing: astrophotography. I’d need an SLR camera to do that, though. So here is what I’m thinking:

I am going to ask people for Best Buy gift cards again for Christmas, I think. With them, I’ll buy a 35mm SLR camera. My friend David recommended Nikon, saying they make the best SLR film cameras. I might also look at Minolta too. My first ever 35mm point and shoot was a Minolta and I LOVED that thing. It took amazing pictures.

I really want to broaden my photographical horizons, just take pictures of anything and everything using different capturing mediums. I would also like to get a full-sized tripod. Right now, I have a mini one (that I cannot find at the moment *huff*). I don’t know. Sometimes my mind comes up with all this crazy stuff and my heart races and I just want to get out and DO IT. If you think I was anxious for the weekend before, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!

Places to where I want to travel:
(the ones with stars are ones that I actually have a hope in hell of actually getting to in my lifetime)

Ireland (especially the countryside)
Washington DC *
New York City *
Australia (Sydney, probably)
Japan (Tokyo, most likely)

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just bored. Or sleepy. Maybe both. Later…

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Attention FRIDAY and PAYDAY: Hurry up and get here!!!!

Things I Want To Do At This Moment:

1. Shop for books, sweaters, and CDs.
2. Go back to Disneyworld. Or Disneyland.
3. Sleep.
4. Play on the computer.
5. Write.
6. Sleep some more.

I’m tired. I tried to get to bed earlier than usual last night, but it took me a while to fall asleep. I’ve taken to having 1/2 dose of Tylenol PM before I go to bed. But everytime I dosed off, Aidan wanted to play. *sigh* He’s a worse night owl than I am.

Last night before bed, Aidan and I played a game. I pretended to be “Baby Mommy” and he pretended to be the daddy tucking me in to bed. Everytime he said “night night,” I would wait until he was in the hall and start “crying.” He’d run in and pat my cheek and go “It no scary, Mommy.” Soo cute and funny too. But now I know that playing before bed is not a good idea.

Gonna try to get to bed early again tonight. I hope I can fall asleep. I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. I have to see if itskels wants to have lunch with me tomorrow or not. After work, I am taking Aidan to the Heritage block party. There will be free food and people to see like megnita! :)


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Mumbo Jumbo (Pictures)

I survived another wretched Wednesday at work. It wasn’t nearly as bad as last Wednesday, though. Still, it was tough and a bit frustrating and I’m just glad the work part of the day is over! Only two more days until the weekend!!

Aidan is so cute. Just thought I’d mention that. :)

I am craving BACON like WHOA. I mean, I am hungry. My food cravings were crazy on the drive home today–and trust me, I am not pregnant. I’m just hungry, I suppose. McDonalds, spaghetti, BBQ bacon burger and fries from Max & Erma’s…

Today when I was driving to work, I was behind one of those mini vans with the DVD player in it. They were watching Cinderella. ºOº That put a smile on my face.

Last night, Rob and Jennyfoo came over. I had so much fun. We ate and hung out and watched Hitch. It was soooo good seeing Rob and seeing Jennifer too. She bought me presents: Coldplay X&Y and the Garden State soundtrack. :) We also traded music from our computers. YAY. I’m a happy girl, I love music.

So, I downloaded the bootleg Extraordinary Machine months ago. Jennifer brought the CD over last night and I was surprised and thrilled to discover that Fiona had rerecorded most if not all of the songs. The album definitely sounds more like her style, unlike the bootlegs I have. I have it now to tide me over (thanks, Jennifer) but I’m going to buy my own, of course. It’s that good.

And randomly, here are a couple of pictures:

Here is Jon refusing to smile for his “birthday” photo. It doesn’t matter what he does, though. He’ll always be a beautiful boy.

This is one of the roses from my yard. Chris brought it in on Sunday for lunch/dinner with Holly and Robert and I cropped out the background clutter, put in a black background, and used the soft focus filter. What do you think? It’s my first attempt at serious photo manipulation in a really long time.

My back hurts. I am also crampy. It cannot be time for that already!! *groan* and *sigh*

And… survey HEY!

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