Month: October 2005

A Kinda Sorta Dramatic plus Rambling Entry…

I have a dilemna. this weekend, the additions to Heritage will finally be done and they are having a celebration service! I’ve been looking forward to this for a few weeks now. The choir will be singing and there will probably be snacks and stuff. BUT, Craig mentioned that he wanted to get a cabin at Lake Hope, and invited me to join. It will be PEAK and that means loads of beautiful photo opportunities. Both of these are one-shot deals and I can’t decide which to do. What do you think???? HELP ME!!

Last night, I took Jon out to celebrate his birthday. We went to The Cheesecake Factory. Jon was exhausted because he’d been helping out with his triplet nieces all day. Once he got some Irish Coffee in him, he was fine. Wouldn’t smile for the picture I took of him, but he was fine. THAT BOY CAN PUT AWAY SOME FOOD, let me tell you. He had the chicken alfredo sans the sun-dried tomatoes, and he ate it all. I had the crusted chicken romano. Very yummy, but a LOT of food. The chicken covered the entire plate!! Naturally, I brought some of that home with me. I drank a Cosmopolitan. It was $8.50! I didn’t really like it, but I forced myself to drink it all because hello, it was $8.50. I should have stuck to my usual Amaretto Sour. But hey, live and learn, right? It did get me feeling good and I guess that is what really matters, right? They do not play around there with their drinks, that’s for sure.

Bizzy joined us for dessert. She had the chocolate mousse cake, warmed up. I had the lemon raspberry cream cheesecake, and Jon had the apple crisp. After dinner, we went and watched Waiting. Funny, slightly disturbing film. Especially since Jon, who used to work at Applebee’s, confirmed some of the things that went down in the movie. Moral of the story? BE NICE TO THE PEOPLE WHO HANDLE YOUR FOOD!!!

We stopped in Hot Topic before the movie and I got a BOONDOCK SAINTS t-shirt. Oh yes.

I could not sleep last night. I tossed and turned forever. Even though I had eaten all the food, my stomach somehow thought it was empty. I was daydreaming about spaghetti and pizza and french fries and couldn’t wait for the night to end so lunchtime could be closer. I don’t think I fell asleep before 2am. It didn’t help that Aidan was tossing and turning like crazy and he kept wanting to lie on my face!! He also kept pushing me nearly off the bed and stealing my pillow.

I am pretty tired, but I’ll be okay.

And tell me how sad this is. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but the past two Sundays, I’ve been coming downstairs just in time to catch the end of Cold Case. I get attached JUST ENOUGH in that fifteen minutes or so to have to fight tears every time. What is that all about? Do any of you watch that show? I’m not one for crime shoes, or much TV at all, so this is crazy.

That might change though. Time Warner offered us a super deal. We will get 74 cable channels for $24 a month until 2007. Woot. I can watch FOOD NETWORK and TLC again!! :):) I don’t know when it will be installed, but it’ll be neat to be able to watch Unwrapped again. Not to mention Lifetime. :)

Someone awesome is coming over tonight and we’re going to eat awesome food and have awesome fun. I CAN’T WAIT!!! :):)

Speaking of Aidan, he is amazing me every single day. His speech is developing more and more every time I hear him talk. Yesterday, I told him I like it when he talks, and he talks a lot which is great. He builds things, he pretends. Last night, before I got ready for bed, he was downstairs “cooking” for me. He brought it up and said “Mommy, I got food for you!” It was pretend, of course, but soooo darn cute.

He had a growth spurt. I had a feeling that’s what had been happening. He was cranky and extra clumsy and sleeping a LOT and eating like a little piglet. (He and I ate an entire box of Froot Loops Friday night :x). Now his bibs are too short for him. Such a shame as he insists on wearing them all the time and then running around yelling “I CUTE!”

In Target Friday night:
Ronni (pointing to a 30 minute meals book): Who is that?
Aidan: (looks confused)
Ronni: It’s Rachel Ray!
Aidan: That’s my GIRLFRIEND!

Back in 1997ish, I watched the US National Gymnastics competition. Erin (celinedion), you might remember this. All the gymnasts were posed at the beginning in a shadow room, they played this dramatic music (which I feel in LOVE with immediately) to introduce the competition. Yesterday at work, I was listening to the iTunes shared music and noted that the person who puts all the Celtic music had put on more David Arkenstone. So I listened to it. The last song was THAT SONG. I thought for sure I’d never hear it again and now, here I have an artist and a name: The Quest of Culwch. If anyone has it, please send it to me please? Pretty please?? I do plan to buy the CD (actually, I’m going to buy all of his CDs–I already have Atlantis, but I want the others too) but I have to wait ’til I get paid to pick it up and I WANT IT NOW.

Seven years ago, it was Fall 1998

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Not A Lot.

Sunday was pleasant.

Church was first. Chris and Aidan slept in, so I went on by myself. It was pretty nice. I sat alone in the back, though. It was one of those moments, you know? I talked to a few people afterwards, though. Then I headed to Barnes and Noble (I need to stay out of there, seriously), and get the cutest new bible. It’s small, and purple with a green flower on it. New Living Translation. I really want one The Message, but B&N didn’t have any. :( I also got three new novels to read. I am set. :) Well, for a week at least. ;)

Holly and Robert came over for lunch. Chris made steaks (crab stuffed for Holly, Robert, and himself), golden mashed potatoes, and green beans w/bacon. Yummm. :) Although it filled me up at the time, for some reason, I am starving now. :

After we ate, we talked for a bit then watched The Boondock Saints. That is such a kick ass movie. I love it more each time I watch it.

Had a nice chat with Jennifer online, and here I am now, updating. Feel empowered. I am kind of annoyed that I let stupid stuff get me down. I won’t let it win, though. I REFUSE.

Dang it.

The pruning has begun and it feels just as good even as it hurts. There are people who I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be here for no matter what, but there are others that as far as I’m concerned, no longer exist to me. It’s good that way. Merciless, perhaps. But good for me. As I said a few entries back, I can’t have people in my life who hurt me and go on without a care about it. WHY should I have to deal with people who couldn’t care less about me and my feelings when there are so many who are just waiting for me to spoil them?

Speaking of spoiling… our church is participating in something called Operation Christmas Child. You take a shoebox and fill it with toys and donate it. Some kid gets a shoebox full of goodies for Christmas. I’m so excited to do that and The Giving Tree. :) That kind of stuff is so much fun for me. I want to decorate the box all prettily and festive-like. YAY.

Grr. Although he is sitting downstairs, Chris just sent Aidan UPSTAIRS to tell me to make him some oatmeal. WTH?

Anyway, I think I need a new LJ default icon. Any ideas?

I updated MySpace. It’s kind of festive. :)

Okay, I have to go. Aidan is hungry (albiet undecisive about oatmeal or macaroni and cheese) and I am as well. ‘Til Later! :)

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Saturday Night (Pictures)

I’m home alone on a Saturday night AGAIN, but this time I chose it. Chris and Aidan are hanging out at Holly’s, and I’m here nerding around on the computer.

I updated my photo album: HERE are my summer 2005 pictures, and HERE are my California/Disneyland pictures. You may have seen a lot of them, but there are definitely some surprises thrown in both albums. Enjoy and comment here, please. :)

Today I went to a baby shower for my friend Jenny E. She’s a cutie, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, I was getting that feeling again–you know, the one where you’re not sure if you’re really wanted? I don’t know if it was my imagination (more than likely it was) or if it was actually true. I know me, though. I get hypersensitive about everything and after Wednesday, I’m even worse. Even still, I do have a few pictures

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Cinderella came today! :) I was so happy. I have a new pin to add to my collection, and I gave Aidan the three stuffed mice that came with it. Aidan and I spent the evening together. First we went to the new Target, then we watched Cinderella and had chicken nuggets and tator tots (special french fries to Aidan), and LOTS of Froot Loops.

I got a new book: The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things. It’s good, but right now it’s really sad.

Aidan doesn’t call himself Ah-Ahn anymore. He says a-DEN. His speech is improving more and more everyday and I simply LOVE having conversations with him. I also love it when he says “EWWWW!”

I thought work would be horrible today, but it honestly wasn’t that bad. I spent more time at the copier than ever, and once my pages start pouring in, it’s going to be worse for me ALL THE TIME. But today wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, thank goodness. Plus I had a yummy lunch with Kelle Belle (itskels).

Every day in email, I get these things called “The Daily Ohm.” They’re full of great spiritual advice and things of that nature. One of them spoke of media fasting. That is cutting oneself off from TV, radio, internet and such for a certain period of time. I’d considered maybe cutting myself off from the internet and email for a season. Okay, not an OFFICIAL season, but for a certain amount of time. A weekend or so. I’ll have to think about that.

Baby shower tomorrow. WOO-HOO.

The weather is getting cooler. Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 58º F. :( Good-bye summer.

I need to get some sweaters. Chris thinks I should just pull mine out of the closet, but they’re all misshapen and stuff. My body keeps changing so much that my sweaters rarely look right from one year to the next. How depressing, huh? I feel fat again. Gross and fat. :(


I’m so glad the weekend is here. Although this week seems to have gone fairly quickly. YAY for that. :)

I think.

Okay. I’m going to read. G’night!

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Conversations with Aidan

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