I can’t seem to get on top of the damn cleaning. I clean and I pick up and I tidy only for the EXACT same mess to appear not even four hours later. What am I doing wrong? Why can’t Chris and Aidan pick up their messes when they’re done?

Okay, I understand that Aidan is a little guy and needs more coaching. I just saw the family room–the SAME room I picked up no fewer than three times in the past week. Blankets, toys, clothes, possible candy wrappers (I simply stopped looking by then) all over the floor. I’m about ready to pull my hair out.

I mean, the house is good-sized, so I usually only do one or two rooms at a time. The hardest for me to take care of are the master bedroom and the family room. The guest room is rarely used, so I don’t have to mess with that one as much. Aidan’s room–he likes to change clothes a million times a day, but it’s nothing to stuff clothing back into the drawers. But the paper and the toys and the blankets and CHRIS’s Dang Clothing and HOCKEY GEAR, ACK. Drives me insane. I see people’s homes and they always look so tidy. Lived in but not a fall down mess. So what am I doing wrong?? :(

The loft. I just tidied it up yesterday. It’s a pigsty AGAIN. Toys, papers, all over the floor. I’m feeling stretched thin and worn out and **really** cranky. I just got Aidan to bed–that took some work, let me tell you. He’s at that age where he is stalling in regards to anything–eating, sleeping, whatever. And… the child has begun talking back.

Me: Aidan, don’t write on your arm.
Aidan: I’m NOT!


On top of that, I’m out of chocolate chip cookie dough. That really makes me unhappy. I was really looking forward to two “cookies” tonight. (I get the ready bake cookies. Yummy).

Thank God for 3 Musketeers.

Signing off, devouring chocolate, reading Miss Snark and generally feeling like poop for making Aidan go to bed even though it’s totally justifiable because it’s nearly 1am.


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