Month: November 2005

Not Having Sex = Mental Disorder?

So, McGraw-Hill has some online resources that are supposed to coincide with their text books. I decided to take a few of the self-check quizzes just to see how “sharp” I was in regards to health. I got two answers “wrong.” Check it out. The answers that are filled in are the ones I chose, and the green checkmarks are the supposed correct answers.

I am sincerely worried.

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Writing Excercise

You’ve finally snapped. Stress has gotten the better of you, and you can no longer think in long descriptive sentences. Write about the day you lost your mind, using sentences comprised of six words or fewer.

Moronic drivers. Who gave them licenses anyway? Holy crap, this is ridiculous. Just DRIVE, you idiots! The accident is OVER THERE. Quit looking and GO. Get off your phones and DRIVE. AUGH. This is driving me crazy. I hate this freeway. People act like morons. Ugh. That’s it. I’m done. You want an accident? I’ll give you an accident!! No, I need to stay calm. No need to rear-end the BMW. No need to raise the insurance. It will be okay. ACK. CRAP. GO!!!!!!!

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LMAO! (Multimedia)

You guys HAVE to see this (don’t tell Chris): CLICK | 15 megabyte download | BAHAHAH!!!!

Aidan’s been sick the past few days, but I just did that video and I think he’s doing just fine now, hmm?

I might have been listening to Christmas music already… don’t JUDGE!

So, I went to get money out of the ATM yesterday and got a HUGE error. I knew I’d just gotten paid, so I was curious as to what the deal was. Turned out the credit union had cancelled my card because someone was trying to spend $300 at Walmart on November 10th. I wasn’t in Walmart that day or anytime around that day. So WTF?

That’s scary shit, but I’m so glad the card was cancelled. :) But now I have to wait on my new one, and I’ve been using a credit card in the meantime. So I’ll be paying it off as I go, because debt sucks.

I got Aidan some more presents today:

Little People Deluxe Christmas Story
Little People Lil’ Shepherds
Little People Families in Your Neighborhood

Sunday, I got him a little Blue Jackets hockey stick and some Finding Nemo pajamas.

I have every intention of opening the Little People Christmas stuff before Christmas. I mean, hello!! :)

And… here is my workspace at home. Where it all happens (if I’m not at my laptop, that is). Check it out, and do you see the Ampersand? Yeah, totally cool, right?


I need to eat. I’m hungry.

Who are your top 8 friends in myspace?
1. Star
2. Kelly
3. Bizzy
4. Dave
5. Megan
6. Helen
7. Amy
8. Jon

Are you in love with number 2?
No. She’s a very married girl. :)

Have you ever lied to number 4?
More than likely.

Do you know a secret about number 7?

Describe the relationship between number 8 and number 5.
Church acquaintances.

What is the best thing about number 3?
She’s totally sweet and loads of fun.

What is the worst thing about number 1?
She lives too far away.

When was the last time you saw number 5?
I think–when we all went to the zoo together last last month.

Have you ever danced with number 3?
Oh yeah!

How long have you known number 4?
8 years, almost 9.

Have number 2 and number 7 ever dated?

Have you ever done drugs with number 1?

Have you ever been in a fight with number 6?
No fights, although we have debated quite a bit in the past.

Do number 4 and number 2 like each other?
They don’t know each other.

Does number 8 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Last I heard, no.

Have you ever been a co-worker with number 7?
No. She lives too far away.

Have you ever wanted to punch number 5 in the face?
God, no.

Have you ever been on vacation with number 2?
No, but I met her while I was on vacation!

Has number 6 seen you naked?

So, that’s all. It’s after 10. I’ve been on this thing for nearly 3 hours and have not written a lick in anything. Oops. So, I must go. TTFN!

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My Workspace!! (Picture)

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