Month: November 2005

Guess What?

I didn’t write or revise at all last night.

I wanted to. You have no idea how much.

But I knew it was one of those nights. And I was exhausted besides. So I refused. I got up from the computer at about 8pm and didn’t go back for the rest of the night.

I relaxed, read, spent time with Aidan and ate cheap pasta from a can. It was yummy.

I feel better now. :)

P.S. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. Sometimes, a girl just needs to be coddled. :) Especially a girl who is a writer.

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This Isn’t Fair

Why is it already 1am?

Long day of meetings–FOUR, to be exact, not to mention paperwork out the bootie and no money for lunch. Oh yeah, and I have to pay that speeding ticket.

Tuesday is already shaping up to be BAD–unless I load up on caffeine and/or Red Bull.

The weather forecast calls for rain.

Did I mention that I have FOUR meetings to attend?

(At least I have a new outfit to wear. I heart Aeropostale and their cheap, cheap, cute clothes).

I’m never going to finish a writing project. :( My dreams are too big, my time is too short and I really doubt my writing sometimes most of the time.

I should sleep. Then I’ll have enough energy for the downward spiral that is attacking me as I type.

*goes to crawl into a hole. takes laptop with her. because even as she starts to again despise the words she has written, she still can’t stop writing. she just can’t.*

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Revising & Writing

Going okay, but not without challenges.

1. I had lots of time to write last night, but I slept instead.
2. I keep having Aidan duty. And he’s feisty.
3. Work is super busy.
4. Too many other commitments.

I’m getting discouraged. :( I have so much I need to get done and time is SPEEDING away from me. :( No fair.

Oh well.

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&… (Pictures)

Friday night, a bunch of us gals went to Z. Cucina for their grand opening on November 4, 2005. I had a good time, just hanging out, eating good food, and bonding. :) I had Organic Chicken Parmigiana. It was VERY delicious. I also drank the best Amaretto Sour I’ve ever had in my life. It was outstanding.


I have started reading Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen (writergrl). Seriously, guys, she is SERIOUSLY an amazing author. Read her stuff now. I pray that I’m at least half the writer she is.

Busy weekend, and it’s not over yet. I hope next weekend will be a bit more relaxing, that’s for sure. Then the holiday rush will be starting soon. Can you believe it? People on our street have Christmas decorations up already. I’m not talking “let’s-put-the-lights-up-today-because-it’s-nice-out-and-not-turn them-on-yet” decorations. No, these people have everything decked out. Lights on, wreaths wreathing. It’s insane. I like to wait until the day after Thanksgiving–but it will probably have to wait this year. Chris has to work that Friday AND Saturday, and the weekend after as well. :( I guess I can put up the other stuff, and save the tree for mid-December. I don’t know, we’ll see. Aidan’s going away for two weeks in December, and I want him to be with me when we put up the tree. We’ll have to work something out. I plan to take LOTS of pictures. Flickr, get ready!! :)

I should get some rest. I had a very long day and if I don’t go to church Sunday morning, Bizzy will not be happy with me. : Then there is a lunch-type thingy at the in-laws’ place. Chris is going ice skating afterwards which means Aidan duty for me, so not a lot of rest, I don’t think. Bah. Why are weekends so short? Dang it.

Did I happen to mention that my son is obsessed with ampersands now?

Good night.

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