Firstly, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your comments and support! I am very excited about what’s to come.

Secondly, a few of you have asked me to tell a little bit about my book. The major gist is that it’s a Young Adult romance, with a bit of spirituality thrown in, some struggles, drama, and lots of kissing. :) I enjoyed writing it very much, and I hope you all get the opportunity to read it!!

Last night, I went to Barnes & Noble, armed with my discount card and $56 in gift cards. My total came to nearly $130, so I had to pay about $60 out of pocket after gift cards and discount. I got SO MANY BOOKS, and I can’t wait to start reading. I grabbed some books of a few mutual acquaintances who just came out with books (Sk8er Boy, Obsessing Orlando, and A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl), a Sarah Dessen book (of course!), two Meg Cabot books, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, and one called Misfits, and a few others. I saw loads that I wanted, like Elsewhere. I need to go to the store and write down titles and get back to using the library!

So, in the midst of everything, I’ve been trying to concentrate on my writing. It’s been hard. Aidan is more demanding than normal this week for some reason. It seems the seconds I sit to relax, he wants or needs something. Sometimes, it’s hard not to get frustrated.

When I can’t seem to get the muse, I read. I critique. I learn as much as I can. I know, more than ever, that I want to make this my career and I have to be willing to learn anything and everything.

I am so ready! :)

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