This evening, I went to feed the fish and noticed all sorts of balls floating at the top of the tank. I FREAKED OUT because I thought they were eggs. Turned out to be food that Chris had dumped in by mistake.

Speaking of fish–not sure if I posted that they had been moved to a ten-gallon tank. :) Two of the zebras had died, so that left three. Yesterday, I got 2 guppies, 2 silver mollys, and a snail. One of the mollys has died already, but Petsmart has a 14-day guarantee, so I’m going to get a replacement tomorrow. I hope they ALL don’t die from overfeeding–but they seem to be ignoring the food now that they’re full.

Last night we celebrated Chris’s grandparent’s 50th anniversary. It was a surprise–they’d thought they were attending someone’s birthday party. :) His grandmother started crying IMMEDIATELY. I snapped this picture mere seconds after she walked into the door:

I was so happy because Sara and Amy were there (cousins by marriage). THEY ARE SO FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS. Here I am with them:

Yes, those are Chris’s evil eyes lurking in the background!!

They are such great gals. And they’re hilarious with the kids. I love spending time with them. They are SCANDALOUS!!!! I’ll never forget the ICE MOLD. It was um… very special and very suitable for a bachelorette party if you know what I mean. :O

Here are the kids (minus one) and the happy couple. None of them are standing/posing in a way that makes sense except Chris’s mother. Grandpa is right behind Grandma.

Friday night, I pretty much read, relaxed, and wrote. :) This weekend, I finished reading my fourth novel of 2006: A Total Waste of Makeup. It’s freakin’ hilarious, I LOLed at more than one point in the book. Good stuff. Right now, I am reading S8er Boy by Mari Mancusi. I know her. :) She’s very nice and so far her book is really good. Once I finish S8er Boy, I will be 5% finished with my goal to read 100 new books this year. WOO!! :D

Book Links: A Total Waste of Makeup | Sk8er Boy

Today, Holly came over for a bit and Chris tested another wedding cake for her. In case you didn’t know, Holly (who I’ve known since college, and who Chris has known since preschool) is getting married January 28th. I’m photographing the wedding, Chris is doing the cake. His past tests were not so good, but today was very yummy. He’s using fondant and going to accent it with pink. It’s going to be great. I hope my photographs turn out well. I’m a little nervous, but I’m going digital, so I think I’ll do okay. I’m excited, I’m going to get all the best spots for picture taking YEAH!

I watched Mickey Mouse Club: Best of Britney, Justin, & Christina today. There were only four episodes on the DVD. I want them to release DVDs of ALL seaons of MMC. I’d be SO on that, you have no idea. Gosh, just turning the DVD on, hearing that theme music–I felt like I was 18 again.

Tonight was the grove. It’s all new. Very cutting edge. New room, new atmosphere, new format. I like it. :)

I got a Disney Catalog that focused on home goods. Oh My God. If I were rich, my house would TOTALLY be done up in all Mickey Mouse. Desks, tables, TV cabinets…you name it. Oh man. Talk about a dream house, huh? Well, instead of the furniture, I pre-ordered Lady and the Tramp.

Alright, I’m ready to read. I’m enjoying tonight because tomorrow I have AIDAN DUTY like whoa. Chris works from 1-10. I am off. I have some errands to run (Comp USA, Petsmart, Meijer), and Aidan and I will have lunch at McDonalds, and I’m MAKING him take a nap with me, dang it. He was a cranker today which drove me insane. I will pull out my hair if he acts that way tomorrow.

Later! :)

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