There are a million hours in the day for:

– Work
– Sitting in Traffic
– Tending to OTHER PEOPLE
– Errands
– Cleaning…the NEVERENDING cleaning

There is no time for:

– Writing
– Relaxing
– Reading

Why is that? :(

I’m going to be tired and probably cranky at work because all I’ll want to do is get home and write. But then I’ll get home and have to tend to Aidan, and then Chris and Aidan.

I stayed home from work to tend to a feverish and coughing little boy and I got nothing written. Now I’m coming down with a sore throat–GREAT. That’s all I need. I’m just annoyed right now. And broke. Wah.

(And Aidan is STILL awake.)

This sucks. I hope I get SOMETHING done this weekend.

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