01. Eyeliner or mascara?
–> Neither.

02. Shopping for yourself or for others?
–> Both!

03. American Eagle or Hollister?
–> American Eagle.

04. Dolce and Gabanna or Louis Vuitton?
–> Neither.

05. Skirts or pants?
–> Neither.

06. Socks or leggings?
–> Socks. Cute, funny ones.

07. Hoodies or jackets?
–> Hoodies.

08. Heels or sneakers?
–> Sneakers.

09. Straight or curly hair?
–> Either.

10. Hoop or dangling earrings?
–> Hoop.

11. Side bangs or one lengthed?
–> Side.

12. Gemma Ward or Adrianna Lima?
–> Who?

13. White or black?
–> Black.

14. Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works?
–> Bath and Body Works.

15. Smoothies or lattes?
–> Ew.

16. Diet or regular sodas?
–> Regular.

17. Water or daquiris?
–> Water.

18. Pearls or diamonds?
–> Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

19. Vinatge or boho?
–> Meh.

20. Hilary or Haylie Duff?
–> Eww.

21. Thin or fat?
–> How about healthy?

22. iPod or cell phone?
–> iPod

23. Friends or family?
–> Both.

24. Lip gloss or lip stick?
–> Lip gloss.

25. Manicure or pedicures?
–> Never had a pedi, so I can’t say.

26. Mac or Sephora?
–> Sephora

27. Tiffany’s or Chanel?
–> Tiffany’s

28. Love or peace?
–> Love

29. Sunglasses or purses?
–> Purses

Put an X by what you own:

[X] an ipod.
[X] tiffany’s bracelet.
[] a Louis vuttion purse
[X] a computer.
[X] a cd player.
[X] a stereo.
[] a spice girl cd.
[ ] a cosmo girl magazine.
[X] a teddy bear.
[X ] a build-a-bear.
[ ] an American eagle purse.
[ ] hollister jeans.
[X] a hot topic shirt.
[X] a cell phone.
[X] an Aeropostale shirt.
[ ] a big screen TV.
[X ] the “Mean Girls” dvd.
[X] a TV in my room.
[X] a big bed.
[X] a brother or sister
[X] a diamond ring.
[X] a diamond necklace.
[ ] a pearl necklace.
[ ] a prom dress.
[X] a book.
[ ] Escada perfume.
[ ] G-Unit sneakers.
[X] a black shirt.
[ ] Abercrombie skirt.
[X] Converse
[X] rap cd
[X] diary or journal
[X] pink nail polish

Girl Knowledge:

Do you know exactly where the blush goes?
–> Yes.

Would you say you know how to put on make up?
–> Yes.

What colors bring out your skin tone?
–> Browns and pinks.

Do you know how to french braid hair?
–> Yes.

Do you have a specific color of cover up or foundation you wear for your skin?
–> No foundation.

Do you wash your face at least once a day?
–> Yes!

Do you know what kind of lip gloss can make your teeth whiter? Is there one?
–> What??

Do you use an eyelash curler?
–> No.

How many colors of eyeshadow do you own?
–> Probably about 25.

Which colors?
–> Browns, pinks, etc.

Do you use water proof mascara?
–> I have some, but I don’t use it.

How much do you pay for make up?
–> I don’t buy it often enough to know.

Does toothpaste really help acne?
–> I don’t know.

How many times a day do you apply lipgloss/lipstick?
–> Let’s try once a week or so, if that.

Which shampoo and conditioner do you use?
–> Optimum Care.

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