Classpass Launch at Flywheel Chicago
can you find me?

The first week in September, I was invited to attend launch parties for ClassPass, a monthly services that gives people access to fitness studios all over the city. The program launched in Chicago this month!

There were three parties, and I attended two: The launch at Flywheel Sports, a spin studio, and one at The Dailey Method, a barre studio. What’s so great about ClassPass is that I would have probably never tried either of these on my own, but this program encourages people to try new things.

Classpass Launch at Flywheel Chicago

I LOVED The Dailey Method. I’d heard that barre classes were hard, but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy them so much. They combine ballet, yoga, weights, core work. It’s challenging and you definitely feel a burn, but it’s also low impact and works the entire body.

I’m somewhere in this room, I promise!

I was given a complimentary one-month membership, so I plan to try out some more of the offerings they have, such at The Bar Method, Mazi Dance, and Exhale.

I need to move more, I need to #livethesweatylife. It’s time I got back into shape and started taking better care of myself, yes? I think this month is going to be the month to do that.

Photos lifted from here and here Photography by Joel Maisonet and Azuree Wiitala.


long update.

Summer 2014 Collage

Oh hi! Long time no see! :) Sorry about that. It’s just that every time I thought about blogging over the past few months, I just felt like BLAH, nope. Overwhelmed, maybe. I don’t know.

Summer’s on its way out. Yesterday’s high was 60F but it hung out in the low to mid 50s all day. You can only imagine how sad that is making me. I feel like we barely got a summer.

In my long absence from the blog world, I hung out with Aidan, we all went to Jekyll Island for a week at the beach, and I read a lot of books. We went to Ohio and Aidan started middle school. I went to two launch parties for ClassPass and attended a Flywheel class (my first ever spin class. I didn’t like it. My butt was sore for five days because of that hard bike seat. I did like the part with the weights, though.), and a class at The Dailey Method (my first ever barre class. I LOVED it.)

I started acting classes at the Second City Training Center and so far I like it. A lot. The teacher has a real gentle and patient nature about him which I appreciate. Plus he has us do a few yoga moves during the warmup. Cannot ever go wrong with that! This week we started off by playing Red Light Green Light. So fun. We’re working on monologues, and this week I’m doing beat work. It’s challenging. But I know it’ll do nothing but help me.

I’ve also been doing freelance work for Berlitz, which has been fun. I’ve been doing various gigs all over town for Chicago PD (the director was great to work with–he kept calling us “background celebrities”), T-Mobile, etc., and I did a live event for Ravinia which was too much fun. Long days on set. Tiring but I learn a lot and really learn to exercise patience, dig down into the reserves, and call on my experience of working long days in ad agencies. I also realized that no matter how exhausted I am, the word “ACTION” still gets me pumped. So there’s that. Working hard…maybe one day you’ll see me with a speaking part. WAIT. I did have one for the movie Cool Apocalypse. That was fun. :) And I’ve been selected to be part of the hospital core on the show Sirens, so hopefully I’ll start working on that soon and you’ll see me being a nurse or something more often than not.

(I was in that commercial. You can’t see me. At all. But believe me I was there. I have confetti to prove it.)

I’ve been writing a lot. Eating too much. Not getting enough exercise (I know you are SO surprised about that!). I went to a house concert and saw Ginger Doss perform for the first time since 2011, and it was sooooo amazing. She is one of my favorite people to see perform because her voice is magical and her energy is golden. She has so much joy and gratitude to be doing what she loves…and it’s palpable. God, that was a good night.

Jekyll was a lot of fun. A week in the sun, on the beach. I got burned and good, but I don’t even care because now my skin is a gorgeous golden that will be fading way too soon. C’est la vie.

Adam’s mom got this idea for our family photo from Pinterest: we all wore blue, white, or khaki. No shoes. You know the boys grumbled about it but they went along with it anyway. And it was a great idea. Look how amazing we look:


I honestly can not complain. I had a pretty good summer. Depression is a funny thing. There were some days that I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I hate that there were days I was feeling sad and overwhelmed when it was summer, my favorite season. I should have been out playing and doing yoga and hanging out. Instead, I just wanted to hole up in the house under a blanket. Sucks. And now it’s getting cold and darker earlier and I hate that. I’m a night owl but even I find it hard when it’s pitch black at 4pm.

My 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner arrived. I LOVE it. It’s the first time I ever used the custom colorway and asked for customizations other than the stock photo. I am very happy with how it came out! It’s my two favorite things: rainbow and pink. And polka dots. BONUS. :D

She is here!! My 2015 planner!!  #lifeplanner #eclp #erincondren #eclifeplanner14 #weloveec #organizedlife #pink

I want to start taking The Dailey Method classes all the time. I went Sunday and I’m going again this coming Sunday, and will probably go the next Sunday if nothing else is going on. I need to figure out how to budget that in. Either that place or any barre place really. I plan to try out The Bar Method as well. I also want NEED to get my yoga practice back up and running. Seriously. My pants are all too tight and that is NOT OKAY. I was going to Betty’s Tuesday class but my acting class conflicts, so I need to pick a new class to attend and I think I know which one I’m going to for sure. I want to add at least one more class a week as well. I need something to keep me accountable is what I need.

My child is now in middle school. Can you even? Look at this handsome kid:

You guys, I swear he is so super awesome. I hope I’m still saying that when he’s a teenager! :)

Anyway, that’s the gist of what I’ve been doing while avoiding my blog. :) I hope to be better about updating. I really do. But for now, I leave you. Just like summer is leaving me. :(

Summer 2014 Collage

Goodbye summer. I know you technically still have 11 days until you’re gone, but it’s pretty much autumn already. I hope it’s a good one.


a game of h.o.r.s.e.

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to be picked to film a commercial with Doug McDermott, an amazingly talented basketball player. He’s in the NBA draft lottery (taking place in just a few days!) and super nice.

Here is the commercial. See if you can spot me! In his intro, I’m standing under his right shoulder (just look for the fuzzy gold head). Throughout the video and many parts, I’m sitting, cross-legged, on the floor right under the basket. You can see me very clearly at 1:36. :) I’m wearing #46!

After the shoot, he was kind enough to pose for a few pictures. Here I am with him:

Now that the commercial is up, I can post my photo with @dougmcd3.  Super nice guy. I wish him the best.  #dougmcdermott #m&ms #nbadraft #awesomepeople #basketball

I’m standing on stairs because he’s SUPER tall! :)

It was such a fun day, and I wish Doug “McBuckets” all the best!





Jimmy Dean sausage and cheese croissants. I eat one just about every night. They’re soooo good.


I’ve fallen in love with Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Boys series, and Jaime Reed’s Cambion Chronicles series. So even though I have a bunch of library books to read, I keep rereading those over and over.

listening to.

My currently obsessed. playlist on Spotify:


a yoga top and ankle jeans rolled up so they’re like capri pants. :)


I was watching The 100, but the season finale was last night. So now I’m back to watching nothing.

thinking about.

Money. Writing. Yoga. Working at VSA next week.

looking forward to.

All the packages that should be arriving in the mail next two weeks.


spring cleaning.


Well, I finally did something I’d been meaning to do for months, if not years. And that was to DECLUTTER MY CLOTHING. You do not want to see the condition my bedroom was in by the time Thursday morning rolled around. Luckily for you, I didn’t bother to take photos. Believe me, this is better for all of us.

Surprisingly enough, it didn’t take all that long. First, it was all about separating the dirty clothing from the clean clothing, and that was easy. The dirty stuff was all on the floor. Then, it was all about getting rid of the stuff I didn’t want to wear anymore, that didn’t fit, or that I never plan to fit into again because it was all way too big for me now. I was so amazed at how different an XS from 2014 is from an XS from 2004. From the same store!

I managed to fill up four large bags with sweaters, pants, shirts, and more to donate. My next project is to sort out the summer clothing. I know there are a lot of embarrassingly ugly shorts and tops hiding in those two bins I have, and I just need to let them go.




Me to my past self: Oh, honey. No.

Basically, most of that trip, as fun as it was, was a fashion FAIL (for me, anyway. at least aidan looked cute).

I’m not just getting rid of the ugly stuff. There is plenty of cute stuff in those bags. They just don’t look right on me anymore, or they no longer fit. Some of the sweaters were hard to let go of.

The cool part was that in the midst of cleaning and clearing, I found a jacket, a sweater, and a top that I’d been wondering about for a long time. (Unfortunately, I did not find my Life Planner. I think it’s really gone. *sad face*) There’s a weight off my chest because I’ve accomplished something I’d wanted to for a long time. I’ll be really glad once I have the summer clothes done as well. And I will TRY to control myself with buying new stuff. Especially when I wear the same things over and over anyway.

Spring is always sort of an awakening for me. In winter, I wanted to lie around and sleep all the time. Not so much these days. Adam’s been surprised at how “early” I’ve been getting up. (Which, to be honest, isn’t all that early for normal people, but for ME, it is!) I went out for a short walk Saturday so I could take pictures of the blossoming trees down the street (and pick up the new menu from the newly relocated and expanded sushi restaurant that I always get my sushi from). I bought a bunch of books from Half Price Books and between that, the library, and ebooks, I’ve been reading like a madwoman. Oh wait, I guess that part is not new.

I’ve started taking vitamins again–calcium and vitamin D, and biotin (so my hair can grow even longer). As the days grow warmer and longer I plan to spend more time outside. And I have GOT to get back to a regular yoga practice. I haven’t neglected my practice this long since I worked at Schawk. And I remembered how unhappy with how I looked and felt back then. No bueno, Ronni. I don’t want to go back to that place.

And so I won’t.

That’s all for now. I’ve also started taking melatonin to help me sleep at night, and I think it’s starting to kick in. So… good night.

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