Christmas 2013


The hot cocoa and marshmallow flavored 3 Musketeers. The teeny tiny mini ones cause tiny candy always tastes better than full-sized candy. I like them better than regular 3 Musketeers. Also I’ve been eating a lot of tater tots and crispy crowns. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


I’m doing a bunch of rereads–whatever I happen to pick up. Usually, I try to read A CHRISTMAS CAROL this time of year, but I can’t find my copy. I’m sure Adam has one around here somewhere, though, as Charles Dickens obsessed as he is.

listening to.

HAIM, Lorde, and the new Britney Spears album. Not a lot of Christmas music, which is weird, I know. (note: follow me on Spotify)


When I’m home, it’s PJs. When I’m out, it’s my new North Face coat and gloves so I can keep warm. Also sweaters and boots.


Nothing for now, but once Aidan settles in, it’s going to Christmas specials galore. Or video games. Hmm. Most likely I’ll be watching Aidan play video games.

thinking about.

Christmas. Music. Writing. Stuff. Deadlines. Next year. My mind keeps me up all night and then I sleep until noon cause there is so much going in my brain. I’ve been walking around in a fog the past six weeks because of it. I haven’t felt truly present in a long time.

looking forward to.

Aidan getting here! He arrives tonight!! Yay!!! Excited to start really celebrating once he’s here. :) We’re gonna bake cookies and watch cartoons and stuff like that. It’s going to be awesome! Yay!


30 week blog challenge-week 15: your celebrity crush

This week’s blog challenge topic is “your celebrity crush.”

Y’all. Let me tell you. No, let me show you.


You’re not convinced? How about this:


You’re welcome.

This is Theo James. I first spotted Theo James while I was watching Downton Abbey with my friend Jen. This fool came riding up on a HORSE and I almost fell off the couch.


His character was a rotten bastard on that episode, but I was intrigued by the actor. I remember googling to get more information on him. There wasn’t much. Theo wasn’t well known yet, he was British, and wasn’t getting a lot of exposure over here in the States. I don’t even know if he was getting a lot of exposure in England. He was on a few TV shows and had been in a few movies, but as of a few months ago, he could walk down the street and take the tube in relative anonymity (as long as you don’t count the two fangirls who recognized him and kind of stalked him onto the train which is how I know this).


But then CBS cast him as one of the leads in the show Golden Boy. I was thrilled, glued to the TV every Tuesday night. You know I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I don’t have a lot of characters that I get vested in. I ended up falling in love with everyone on the show, and I was really disappointed it when CBS cancelled it in May.


So, that happened. But it was probably for the best. Golden Boy was a good show, but now things are going great for Theo. More people are learning about him because he’s Four in the Divergent movie. Which was FILMED IN CHICAGO. I was even an extra for Divergent but he may as well been back in England for all the good it did me those two days on set. Not that I went there trying to meet him or anything… I mean, HELLO, I was going to be on set for a major motion picture. That kind of eclipsed anything else. (I wrote all about that experience here.) Meeting him would have been a nice bonus though.

Then… as TV star crushes go, you put them in the back of your mind. They’re fun, but they’re not real life. I’m married, and I’m–along with anyone else who pays the least bit of attention–pretty well convinced he’s in love with his Divergent co-star, Shailene Woodley. They are insufferably cute together.


Things I Like About Him:

– He’s silly. He has no filter. Just watch interviews with him. Expect anything and everything to come out of his mouth. It’s great. I imagine that his friends spend a great deal of time alternating between choking, screaming laughter and face palming when Theo really gets going.


– He seems modest. He knows he’s good looking, but he seems matter-of-fact, if not downright annoyed, about it. He does get irritated when he goes on interviews to talk about his work, and people only want to talk about how good looking he is. I hope this makes him sympathetic to his female co-stars, who have to deal with that shit nonstop.


– He is really an amazing actor. Seriously, he is one of the best I’ve seen in the entertainment industry. He’s got a great face, but he knows how to use his face, something I’ve noticed that British actors generally seem better at than American actors. He works hard but he makes it look effortless. He can play a hot headed detective, an angsty psychic, an insufferable douchebag, or a snobby, passion-filled welp, and he’ll OWN EVERY ONE of those roles. I love watching him act because he is sooo good at it. There are only a few others I can say I feel that way about (Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp….). His work is inspiring to me. It is also intimidating.


I think he’s got a really bright future ahead. On the one hand, I miss the days when no one really knew who he was, but on the other hand I want him to be successful and happy, and I know that means he’s going to get really famous and become that much more inaccessible. All I can do is keep hoping (please please please!) that I’ll get to meet him one day and tell him in person how much I admire and genuinely enjoy seeing him work. And also give him a bag of Cheetos.

Today also happens to be his birthday, so I hope he’s having a good one, wherever he is.


* some gifs from Theo James Gifs, Jen7Waters, and Theojamies, and my personal collection which probably came from those sites.

* Honorable crush mention goes to Josh Hutcherson.


30 week blog challenge-week 14: things you love


This week’s blog challenge topic is “things you love”.

All right then. This will be a fun one because it will encourage me to think positively, something I have a hard time with when it gets colder out.

Things I Love

aidan · adam · my mommy · my family
my kitties · my friends · Pandernoodle · Boji
reading · laughing · shopping · writing
buying new books · going to the library
spaghetti · sushi · tater tots
disney world · traveling · trees
taking pictures · doing yoga · giving gifts
when people tell me i’m pretty
getting my picture taken · being on tv/movie sets · action!
curly hair · sparkling eyes · awesome socks · geeky toys
dharma talks · mysticism · kirtan · spirit
dolls · teddy bears · princesses · faeries
pink · purple · silver
christmas · autumn leaves · blue skies
summertime · hot days · starry nights · crescent moons

I also love getting comments, so please comment and tell me what you love!

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30 week blog challenge-weeks 11 & 12: nicknames and purchases


Hi! I missed a week of the 30 week blog challenge, and I nearly missed another. I figure I’ll do these two weeks and get back on track next week! :)

Week 11: Nicknames You Have and Why

My main nickname is Ronni. That’s how I introduce myself to people, that’s the name I go by on almost all of my social networking profiles, and that’s how I identify myself. My parents gave me that nickname when I was little, only it was spelled Ronnie back then. I am not sure when I dropped the e, but it probably happened while I was in high school. It’s just a lot easier to be “Ronni” than to try to explain why I’m named “Ronica” instead of “Veronica”.

Week 12: Something You Bought Recently

Hmm. Well, last week, I bought the Catching Fire score. I have a thing for movie scores, and I had to have that one because I loved the movie so much. I also bought some things for Thanksgiving, some cat food, a toothbrush, and other assorted boring things. Catching Fire was definitely the most exciting of the purchases!

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november so far.


Well, it’s been a week and then some! Last Friday, I got up early to ride with my friend Reshma out to the suburban location of Yogaview. We were meeting some fellow former teacher trainees there and then going for coffee after.

I was so excited to see my beautiful friend–I hadn’t seen her since right after Sukhava Bodhe. But I woke up that Friday morning feeling off. I hadn’t slept well, so I thought that was it, but it turned out that I was coming down with my second cold of the year.

The older I get, the worse colds hit me. I remember being down for maybe no more than a day when I was little. I know that Aidan shakes off colds and illnesses within hours. But this cold hung on for a while, and only today am I starting to feel like normal again. Sore throat, probably a fever, coughs, sneezing, itchy eyes (so I’m thinking allergies were mixed in, too), achy shoulders (but that probably had more to do with yoga and doing THREE “inversions” the night before). At any rate, it was gross.

But that Friday morning had been lovely. The yoga class was nice, and the teacher told me that I have a strong practice. Which always amazes me when people tell me that because I’m probably the laziest yogini in Chicago. I wonder how I’d be if I actually had a daily practice? My version of “inversions” probably wouldn’t need quotation marks around it.

After coffee, three of us headed to the Baha’i House of Worship. It’s the only one in North America, and one of only seven in the whole world. I’d always wanted to check it out, we were right there, and we didn’t have to be anywhere.

reshma, me, amy

It was beautiful and humbling. The Baha’i faith is a gorgeous one.

I am not a great meditator. I sign up for Deepak Chopra’s meditations all the time and I never do them. If there is meditating in yoga class, I fall asleep. Or I start thinking “Really? Really though?” I love esoteric stuff, but some of it is too much even for me. But I was able to sit and meditate a bit in the meditation hall/temple.

By the time Reshma dropped me off, I was done. I went straight to bed. I was disappointed that I missed a Hip Opening workshop I wanted to attend, but there was no way I could even sit, let alone do another asana practice.

The next day was WindyCon. Adam had a concert and I wanted to see a few panels. But even though I’d dropped $50 on the one-day registration, I couldn’t last more than a few hours. I know Adam knew something was wrong after we stopped by Target so I could buy cold medicine and I didn’t want to linger. There was also a mall right there that I had zero interest in visiting. I really was sick!

When I’m sick is when I love being a freelancer. I was able to sleep, buried under blankets and blankets, rather than dragging myself into a too cold office to freeze and be miserable and loopy.

The week passed by in a drug-filled sore throated blur. I did call my mom on Wednesday to wish her a happy birthday, and she knew right away that I was sick. I left the house on Monday to have lunch with Adam and his father, who was coming through town from Des Moines en route to Atlanta, and then I didn’t leave again until Friday evening.

And this is when I was actually glad to be sick because gorgeous s00j was in town and she was also sick. So we were able to exchange ALL the hugs and kisses without worry of contaminating each other. Also? It’s amazing that a woman with a sore throat can still sound like an angel when she sings. She’s amazing.

We're all mad here...and it's ok!

They asked the audience to sing along with the choruses, and this is what I sounded like:

squiggly notes

Which made me sad because just the first weekend of November, it was the Suzanne Sterling workshop. My third year going. I LOVE Suzanne. Her voice is amazing, her energy is gorgeous and infectious, and she is just wonderful. Suzanne Sterling is all about freeing your voice, and I felt like I’d done such a good job of doing just that… until I got struck with my head and chest cold.

Suzanne Sterling and Me

It was such a blessing to see her and be in her presence, and to learn from her again. She comes to Moksha the same weekend every year, and as long as I’m able, I’m going to attend her workshops.

Man. For the most part, being sick is the pits. Everyone on FB and Twitter is coming down with something or another this month. I was totally getting back into my yoga practice but lost a week to the cold. I have to get back into it this week. I just do.

I’ve started Christmas shopping for Aidan, but no one else. I’m not even really in the mood for it this year. I’m halfway considering not decorating, but a friend of mine told me that I absolutely must decorate. Especially because I’ll have Aidan this year. And I know I’ll get around to it at some point. Christmas is my favorite, right? I just feel too tired to even think about it right now.

Santa Came! 2012.

But first, there is Thanksgiving to look forward to, where I will make myself a few servings of cornbread dressing that no one else will eat (fine, more for me then!), and a BIG thing of mac & cheese because yes. I am not sure who’s turn it is to host this year, but I’ll be happy either way.

That’s all for now. I know, I still owe you a NYC trip report. I’ll get around to it, I promise. Till next time….

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