I hope everyone had a safe and responsible but of course FUN time last night! I had a last day of 2005 and first day of 2006. Time for a RECAP!

First, we went and visited the new baby who shares Aidan’s birthday. Aidan was super gentle with her, and it was the sweetest thing. She’s such a beautiful baby and the parents are totally cool.

Tell me that’s not precious??????

Last night, I partied with some friends and brought in the New Year. It was loads of fun.


Grey Goose!

Me, Abbie, and Katie

Me, Kim, Ben, and Katie

Ben and Joe… SCANDALOUS!

Christy and me. :)

Kim and Ben

Today, we had the Davis Christmas gift exhange. Last week, Chris’s parents were sick, so we rescheduled for today. Good times. I got a lot of really neat and cute things, but DUDE…look what I got!

YAY!!! I’ve yet to tally up all of my cards!!

We also played a SERIOUS few games of Catchphrase. We are hard core. Just so you know.

I guess that’s all. I have a headache. I don’t know what Chad put in that orange juice-like stuff last night (besides Vodka and OJ) but man, I was feeling good for a while there. Now I am tired. So good night. :)

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