I had a fun New Year’s Weekend. Lots of updates here, at my other journal:

Looking Back at 2005:
– I met Lauren laurenbarnholdt and Mandy mandywriter and loads of other writing people.
– I joined SCBWI.
– I started sending query letters.
– I took an online writing course called YA Chicklit 101
– I got to talk to a really great agent.
– I got the chance to work hard on my writing and improve it.
– I read two amazing books: Dreamland by Sarah Dessen and Pop Princess by Rachel Cohn.
– I became a HUGE Sarah Dessen fan.

Looking Forward to in 2006:
– I want to finish writing at least one novel.
– I want to read and read.
– I want to write, and write.
– I want to do what I can to advance my writing career. Okay, okay… make one come into fruition. ;)

And my butt hurts. So ’til next time… :)

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